Complete guide to Alder neoprene thicknesses

Complete guide to Alder neoprene thicknesses

Welcome, water sports enthusiasts! Alder, a leading brand in aquatic equipment, invites you to discover the diversity of thicknesses available in its complete range of wetsuits. Designed to meet the needs of surf and water sports enthusiasts all over the world. From icy winter waters to warm summer waves, Aldersurfing has the perfect wetsuit for you.

Discover the different thicknesses: from 6mm to 2mm.

Aldersurfing prides itself on offering an impressive range of thicknesses to suit all conditions. Let's take a look at the range:

    6/4 mm: This high quality neoprene features 6mm in the torso for exceptional insulation in cold conditions, and 4mm in the legs for extra protection. The perfect combination of warmth and mobility, guaranteeing optimal performance in warm water.
    5/4/3 mm: This neoprene combines 5 mm thickness in the torso, 4 mm in the legs and 3 mm in the arms. Ideal for tackling the coldest conditions, it provides insulation where it is needed most and exceptional freedom of movement in the extremities.
    4/3 mm: With 4 mm in the torso and 3 mm in the arms and legs, this neoprene offers a perfect balance between thermal comfort and flexibility. This is the most commonly used thickness and can be worn from late summer to cold winter days.
    3/2 mm: Perfect for moderate climates, this suit features 3 mm in the torso and 2 mm in the arms and legs. Lightweight and flexible, it provides the freedom of movement needed without sacrificing the thermal protection it provides in seconds.
    2/2 mm: This ultra-lightweight suit features 2 mm of thickness throughout the body, making it the ideal choice for warmer waters. Enjoy long summer days in the water with maximum mobility and comfort.

Whichever thickness you choose, Alder wetsuits incorporate innovative features. Sealed seams, ergonomic panels and high quality materials ensure superior performance and long-term durability.


Find your perfect fit and explore new aquatic horizons.

Explore the full Alder range and find the perfect wetsuit for your water sport. What is your favourite thickness of wetsuit?

Share your experiences with the surf community!

Don't let the water conditions hold you back. With, you'll be ready to take on any wave the sea throws at you.


Get ready for an amazing aquatic experience!


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