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Protect your boards and travel easily with our range of board bags for surfboards, bodyboards, and longboards.


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Global Stretch Covers Mal
Global Stretch Covers Mal Sale priceFrom €47,00
Global Stretch Covers Surf
Global Stretch Covers Surf Sale price€47,00
Twenty Four - 7 Hybrid
Twenty Four - 7 Hybrid Sale price€73,00
Twenty Four - 7 Thruster
Twenty Four - 7 Thruster Sale price€73,00
Twenty Four - 7 Mini MalTwenty Four - 7 Mini Mal
Twenty Four - 7 Mini Mal Sale priceFrom €73,00
Twenty Four - 7 MalTwenty Four - 7 Mal
Twenty Four - 7 Mal Sale priceFrom €86,00
System 10 Bag Hybrid
System 10 Bag Hybrid Sale price€132,00
System 10 Bag ThrusterSystem 10 Bag Thruster
System 10 Bag Thruster Sale price€132,00
System 10 Bag Mini MalSystem 10 Bag Mini Mal
System 10 Bag Mini Mal Sale price€146,00
System 10 Bag MalSystem 10 Bag Mal
System 10 Bag Mal Sale priceFrom €172,00
Global S2 Bodyboard BagGlobal S2 Bodyboard Bag
Global S2 Bodyboard Bag Sale price€47,00
Global S3 Bodyboard BagGlobal S3 Bodyboard Bag
Global S3 Bodyboard Bag Sale price€53,00
Global S3P Padded Bodyboard BagGlobal S3P Padded Bodyboard Bag
Global Stretch Covers Hybrid
Global Stretch Covers Hybrid Sale price€27,00