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Apex AX01Apex AX01
Apex AX01 Sale priceFrom €39,95 Regular price€47,00
Basic Fin Savers
Basic Fin Savers Sale price€9,00
Key SafeKey Safe
Key Safe Sale price€47,00
Softrack HaulageSoftrack Haulage
Softrack Haulage Sale priceFrom €30,00
Tie DownsTie Downs
Tie Downs Sale priceFrom €20,00
Wax CombWax Comb
Wax Comb Sale price€5,00
Aqua Gear Case
Aqua Gear Case Sale price€14,00
Black Seal GlueBlack Seal Glue
Black Seal Glue Sale price€9,00
Silicone Ear Plugs
Silicone Ear Plugs Sale price€9,00
Replacement Fin Center 8”
Replacement Fin Center 8” Sale price€47,00
FCS Compatible Fins
FCS Compatible Fins Sale price€33,00
Surf LeashSurf Leash
Surf Leash Sale priceFrom €13,00
Alder Basic Leash 7'
Alder Basic Leash 7' Sale price€14,00
Premium LeashesPremium Leashes
Premium Leashes Sale priceFrom €27,00
Bodyboard LeashesBodyboard Leashes
Bodyboard Leashes Sale priceFrom €27,00
Global S3P Padded Bodyboard BagGlobal S3P Padded Bodyboard Bag
Global S3 Bodyboard BagGlobal S3 Bodyboard Bag
Global S3 Bodyboard Bag Sale price€53,00
Global S2 Bodyboard BagGlobal S2 Bodyboard Bag
Global S2 Bodyboard Bag Sale price€47,00
Twenty Four - 7 MalTwenty Four - 7 Mal
Twenty Four - 7 Mal Sale priceFrom €86,00
Twenty Four - 7 Mini MalTwenty Four - 7 Mini Mal
Twenty Four - 7 Mini Mal Sale priceFrom €73,00
Twenty Four - 7 Thruster
Twenty Four - 7 Thruster Sale price€73,00
Twenty Four - 7 Hybrid
Twenty Four - 7 Hybrid Sale price€73,00
System 10 Bag MalSystem 10 Bag Mal
System 10 Bag Mal Sale priceFrom €172,00
System 10 Bag Mini MalSystem 10 Bag Mini Mal
System 10 Bag Mini Mal Sale price€146,00
System 10 Bag Hybrid
System 10 Bag Hybrid Sale price€132,00
System 10 Bag ThrusterSystem 10 Bag Thruster
System 10 Bag Thruster Sale price€132,00
Global Stretch Covers Mal
Global Stretch Covers Mal Sale priceFrom €47,00
Global Stretch Covers Surf
Global Stretch Covers Surf Sale price€47,00
Global Stretch Covers Hybrid
Global Stretch Covers Hybrid Sale price€27,00
Save 34%
Eva Skimboard
Eva Skimboard Sale price€29,00 Regular price€44,00
Save 15%
Apex AX03Apex AX03
Apex AX03 Sale price€112,20 Regular price€132,00
On sale
Apex AX02Apex AX02
Apex AX02 Sale priceFrom €62,05 Regular price€73,00
Save 15%
Base (6'0" - 7'6")Base (6'0" - 7'6")
Base (6'0" - 7'6") Sale price€180,20 Regular price€212,00
On sale
Hellcat Mini Mal (7'0 - 8'0)Hellcat Mini Mal (7'0 - 8'0)
Hellcat Mini Mal (7'0 - 8'0) Sale priceFrom €258,40 Regular price€304,00
Save 15%
Hellcat Mini Mal (6'6")Hellcat Mini Mal (6'6")
Hellcat Mini Mal (6'6") Sale price€247,35 Regular price€291,00
On sale
Banshee Hybrid (5'6 - 7'0)Banshee Hybrid (5'6 - 7'0)
Banshee Hybrid (5'6 - 7'0) Sale priceFrom €258,40 Regular price€304,00
Save 15%
Ribeye Mini Mal (9'0")Ribeye Mini Mal (9'0")
Ribeye Mini Mal (9'0") Sale price€415,65 Regular price€489,00
On sale
Ribeye Mini Mal (7'0 - 8'0")Ribeye Mini Mal (7'0 - 8'0")
Ribeye Mini Mal (7'0 - 8'0") Sale priceFrom €348,50 Regular price€410,00
Save 15%
Pro-Line Four Fin (5'8)Pro-Line Four Fin (5'8)
Pro-Line Four Fin (5'8) Sale price€359,55 Regular price€423,00
Save 15%
Pro-Line King Pin (6'4")Pro-Line King Pin (6'4")
Pro-Line King Pin (6'4") Sale price€359,55 Regular price€423,00
Save 15%
Pro-Line Code 5 Fin (5'10" / 6'4")Pro-Line Code 5 Fin (5'10" / 6'4")
Pro-Line Code 5 Fin (5'10" / 6'4") Sale price€325,55 Regular price€383,00