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Stay warm in the water with our collection of hoods, boots, gloves, hats, and socks for all your water sports needs.


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Stealth 3mm BootStealth 3mm Boot
Stealth 3mm Boot Sale price€33,00
Stealth 3mm Boot JuniorStealth 3mm Boot Junior
Stealth 3mm Boot Junior Sale price€33,00
Edge 5mm Boot Junior
Edge 5mm Boot Junior Sale price€33,00
Edge 5mm BootEdge 5mm Boot
Edge 5mm Boot Sale price€40,00
Drift 5mm Round Toe BootDrift 5mm Round Toe Boot
Drift 5mm Round Toe Boot Sale price€47,00
Drift 5mm Round Toe Boot JuniorDrift 5mm Round Toe Boot Junior
Zipped 5mm BootZipped 5mm Boot
Zipped 5mm Boot Sale price€47,00
Zipped 5mm Boot JuniorZipped 5mm Boot Junior
Zipped 5mm Boot Junior Sale price€40,00
Quatro 2.5mm SockQuatro 2.5mm Sock
Quatro 2.5mm Sock Sale price€20,00
Quatro 2.5mm Sock Junior
Quatro 2.5mm Sock Junior Sale price€20,00
Vapour 2.5mm SockVapour 2.5mm Sock
Vapour 2.5mm Sock Sale price€14,00
Vapour 2.5mm Sock JuniorVapour 2.5mm Sock Junior
Vapour 2.5mm Sock Junior Sale price€14,00
Impact 3mm Sock
Impact 3mm Sock Sale price€27,00
Impact 3mm Sock Junior
Impact 3mm Sock Junior Sale price€27,00
Burn 4mm SockBurn 4mm Sock
Burn 4mm Sock Sale price€30,00
Burn 4mm Sock Junior
Burn 4mm Sock Junior Sale price€30,00
Paddle Glove 2mm
Paddle Glove 2mm Sale price€25,00
Paddle Glove 2mm Junior
Paddle Glove 2mm Junior Sale price€25,00
Edge Glove 3mmEdge Glove 3mm
Edge Glove 3mm Sale price€30,00
Edge Glove 3mm JuniorEdge Glove 3mm Junior
Edge Glove 3mm Junior Sale price€27,00
Matrix Glove 3mm
Matrix Glove 3mm Sale price€33,00
Matrix Glove 3mm Junior
Matrix Glove 3mm Junior Sale price€30,00
Beanie Hat 2mm
Beanie Hat 2mm Sale price€20,00
Stealth Hat 2.5mmStealth Hat 2.5mm
Stealth Hat 2.5mm Sale price€27,00
Stealth Hat 2.5mm Junior
Stealth Hat 2.5mm Junior Sale price€27,00
Stealth Hood 2mmStealth Hood 2mm
Stealth Hood 2mm Sale price€33,00
Stealth Hood 2mm JuniorStealth Hood 2mm Junior
Stealth Hood 2mm Junior Sale price€33,00
Plasma Hood FDL 2mmPlasma Hood FDL 2mm
Plasma Hood FDL 2mm Sale price€53,00
Plasma Hood FDL 2mm JuniorPlasma Hood FDL 2mm Junior
Plasma Hood FDL 2mm Junior Sale price€53,00