Vortex Gel Fin

Maximise your bodyboarding experience.

XS - (EU Size 35.5 -38)
S   - (EU Size 38-41)
M  - (EU Size 41-43.5)
L   - (EU Size 43.5-45)
XL - (EU Size 45-47.5)

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Family: Vortex Gel
Size: XS
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Bodyboard Fins

Alder Vortex Gel Fin

The ultimate entry level fin. This fin has a soft foot pocket for added comfort when in use for long periods of time. The ergonomic shape of this fin provides you with maximum fin output energy with minimal input energy. Hard blades give the ultimate thrust when catching waves.

  • Soft Foot Pocket For Added Comfort
  • Maximum Fin Output Energy
  • Ultimate Thrust When Catching Waves
  • Ergonomic shape for maximum output
  • Hard blades for ultimate thrust
  • Ideal for entry-level surfers
  • Long-term use without discomfort