Alder Pro II Softboard (7'0" - 9'0")

Durable, high density foam board in a wide range of sizes for all ages.

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Family: Pro II
Size: 7'0" - 70L
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Alder Alder Pro II Softboard (7'0" - 9'0")

The Alder Pro II is based on the highly reliable Alder Softboard. It retains the bullet proof spec, which include internal nose and tail bumpers but also has an additional PE interface under the deck for durability and longevity. The innovative CEBS bottom promotes stability and rail edge integrity and includes central carry handle makes it easy to carry.

  • Durable and Long-Lasting Design
  • Stable and Reliable Performance
  • Internal Bumpers for Protection
  • Innovative CEBS Bottom for Stability
  • Easy to Carry with Central Handle

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