Coral Soul Kids

Protect your child's feet during water activities with Alder's Coral Soul Kids neoprene beach shoes, designed for quality, comfort, and performance.

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Family: Kids
Size: 22
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Color: Red

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Alder Coral Soul Kids

Introducing the Coral Soul Kids Neoprene Beach Shoes from Alder - essential for any water adventure. With a neoprene and nylon upper, durable non-slip sole, and adjustable cord, these beach shoes prioritize comfort and protection on any surface. Let your child step into a pair of Coral Soul Kids beach shoes and experience the ultimate in water footwear.

  • Neoprene & Nylon Upper with Durable Non Slip Sole
  • Adjustable Cord
  • Comfortable and protective.
  • Non-slip sole.
  • Neoprene and nylon upper.
  • Adjustable cord.
  • Durable design.

Coral Soul