Advance-Full Face Mask & Snorkel

Explore the ocean with ease, clarity, and comfort.

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Advance Dive

OceanBlue Advance-Full Face Mask & Snorkel

Dive into the deep blue with the Ocean Blue Full Face Mask by Alder. This high-quality snorkel mask offers a full-face design, allowing for a more immersive and natural experience while exploring the underwater world. The single lens is made of tempered glass, ensuring clarity and durability. The snorkel includes a purge valve and dry top splash guard for optimal performance.

  • Single Lens
  • Tempered Glass
  • Snorkel Has Purge Valve
  • Dry Top Splash Guard
  • Full-face design for a more natural snorkeling experience
  • Single lens made of tempered glass for clarity and durability
  • Snorkel includes purge valve and dry top splash guard for optimal performance
  • Designed for comfortable and easy breathing

Ocean Blue